Exciting days

I haven’t written on here for a while, but there is plenty of exciting news to share. I have worked on writing a book about my granddad’s WWII experiences since 2008. Although I haven’t had large amounts of time to work on it at a time, I have finally finished. Thanks to a contest put on by http://www.bookbutchers.com, I won an edit to finalize it before publishing. Burning the midnight oil, I made a goal to have the book ready for edit by Oct. 1–and it was! The exciting news is that it should be edited, formatted, and ready to publish by the beginning of December. Yay!! After working so hard, I am finally putting an end to all the research and writing. I also used http://diybookcovers.com to design my own cover. It turned out Fantabulous! 🙂 Now, the countdown can begin. Here’s to a December 1, deadline. What do you think?

Here is the full book cover spread. I love it!

Here is the full book cover spread. I love it!

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2 thoughts on “Exciting days

  1. Crystal, honestly, I am not a fan of war stories, with that being said, I would like it more if it were true, but in the end, it is because I know you and have met your grandfather that motivates me to read it. I know this is not what you want to hear, but trust me, I have worked in the story business and the book selling business and know there is a real market out there in which your book will fall. There are those like biographies, then those like war stories, then those who like reading about Kansans. Since all three are part of your book you appeal to a wide variety of readers. I wish you luck and want to buy one, autographed of course. 😉

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