Captured by the Enemy

An immersive true story about the courageous, but fragmented life of Carl Good (POW) that transports the reader through riveting WWII chronicles.

THE WORST WAS OVER… or was it? Numerous times Carl was told he would never see home again—and he believed it. Yet when he unbelievably found himself back in the U.S., the memories were hauntingly fresh and unforgiving as he was forced to retrace the bloody steps of war through the darkness of his dreams. Blood soaked beaches, bullets meant for him, and the stench of death marked his journey. However, it didn’t take long to discover the road to hell was long and twisted after Carl was captured behind enemy lines. Barely surviving an explosion in a Prisoner of War camp, he made up his mind—he would not die to the satisfaction of the enemy. Weak and starved, he proved his words were more than air as he jumped through a hole in the prison wall and joined a mass escape into the mountains of Italy. Could he survive the hunt, or would the enemy find him first as the days turned into months?

This book not only retraces the steps of WWII POW Carl Leroy Good, but shares the WWII history that went with them. Through interviews, memoirs, division reports, WWII records, books, and lots of research, this CREATIVE NONFICTION book (nonfiction, but reads like a novel) takes you for a ride in Carl’s jeep and into his world as a prisoner of war.

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